Direct Measurement of the Intrinsic and Extrinsic Contributions to the Dynamic Piezoelectric Response in Ferroelectrics Under High-Power Drive

Phase Exchange Driven Wake-Up and Fatigue in Ferroelectric Hafnium Zirconium Oxide Films

µ-Raman Investigations of Periodically-Poled X-Cut Thin-Film Lithium Niobate for Integrated Optics

Local and Average Structure of Barium Zirconate Titanate with Up to 60% Sn(II) Studied with Bayesian Refinements

High Temperature Ferroelectrics Using Ternary Components with Cobalt: Stoichiometry Control

3D Substrate for Benchmarking ALD-Deposited Ferroelectric Thin Films

Micromachined YIG Resonators

199-MHz Polysilicon Micromechanical Disk Array-Composite Oscillator

Progress on Sympathetic Cooling of 113Cd+ by Laser-Cooled 40Ca+ for High-Accuracy Cadmium Ion Frequency Standard

Absolute Rotation Rate Measurement with a Cold Atom Gyroscope at the 10⁻⁹ Rad.S⁻¹ Accuracy Level

A Sub-mW/Pixel Zero-Bias CMUT-in-CMOS Receiver Front-End with Tin Electrode

A Zero Standby Power MEMS Switch-Based Infrared Sensor with Frequency Output

Point-to-Point Stabilised Optical Frequency Transfer with Active Optics

Updates on the NIST Portable Yb Optical Lattice Clock