Did you know bull elephants can communicate their intentions through the ground over 20 km? You will develop the first-ever arrayed artificial Pacinian corpuscle seismic sensor for through-ground communications. It's a 2 year postdoc position shared between University of Maryland (Prof. Sochol) and U.S. Army Lab (Dr. Hanrahan). U.S. citizens only because of Army lab requirements.

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PhD position in Materials Science and Engineering in the group of Susan Trolier-McKinstry

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PhD position within an ERC Consolidator Grant project. We need an excellent MSc student in Chemistry or Materials Science with interest and experience in sol-gel deposition techniques and experimental (surface science) characterization. The candidate must show scientific curiosity, team skills and self-initiative, and have good oral and written English skills. The tasks are the design and processing of new lead-free perovskite compounds with high energy density for capacitor applications, the study of electrical conduction at interfaces and relationship with defect distribution, including the investigation of fatigue. We offer a thriving scientific environment, participation to international cooperation, and a very competitive salary.

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We have 2 new PhD positions (4 years) at Tyndall National University, Ireland on the above topic, one focusing on atomistic modelling techniques, the other on synthesis and characterisation of multiferroic thin films. The studentships are funded by the Science Foundation Ireland Frontiers of the Future programme. Further details can be found below:

PhD advert: https://www.tyndall.ie/mn-13-phd_-si...-generation-da

PhD advert: https://www.tyndall.ie/lk-02_-phd-st...oic-thin-film-

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Pending graduation from Master's course

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The main scope of the open Post Doctor position is the development and construction of a one-of-its-kind streaming potential setup. This will allow the characterization of the piezoelectric functionality in liquid environments – mimicking the situation a piezoelectric implant would experience. As piezoelectric materials change their surface charge state, when a mechanical load is applied, the envisaged setup will combine the streaming potential component with the possibility to apply mechanical load. The Postdoc on this position will be responsible for a broad range of tasks from planning, building and optimizing the novel setup to synthesis and characterization of the piezoelectric ceramics. Training and supervision of the two PhD students on the project and the Master students on related projects is another essential task.

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