The safety and well-being of all conference participants is our top priority. Please know that our thoughts are with all those affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. 

The IFCS-ISAF 2020 Organizing Committee is offering an online platform for accepted authors and speakers to upload recorded presentations. In order to be eligible, the following steps should already be completed:

  1. Your paper or presentation must be accepted into IFCS-ISAF 2020 
  2. Paid all necessary registration/publication fees

All pre-recorded presentations must be uploaded by June 19th. 

We request that you to prepare and upload a video of your presentation, including a brief introduction with webcam if desired, followed by voice-over slides for your presentation. This will be considered as a replacement of your attendance at the conference, and is a requirement for your paper to remain in IEEE Xplore. Please note that the file must be a video file in MP4 format (more details below). Powerpoint or PDF files will not be accepted for Oral Presentations. 

Our recommended approach to record a compatible video from content displayed on your computer screen and voice recording via the computer microphone is to record the presentation using Zoom, available to users on most platforms and in most countries:

Instructions for recording your presentation with Zoom:

In order for videos to be verified by the technical program committee, there is considerable urgency in preparing and uploading your video. Accordingly, we ask you that you please finalize your video by June 19, 2020. 

Presentation Upload Instructions: During upload, you will be requested to provide a speaker headshot and the pre-recorded presentation.  Complete presentation upload instructions will be released by June 1, 2020.

Presentations duration:

  • Accepted Paper/Contributed Talk: 15 minutes
  • Invited Talks: 20 minutes 
  • Keynote Presentations: 30 minutes
  • Tutorial Presentations: 75 minutes
  • Plenary Presentations: 45 minutes 

Guidelines for preparing your video:

  • File Naming Convention: IFCS-ISAF_Paper Title_Speakers Last Name 
  • File size: 100MB max
  • Video file format: mp4
  • Dimensions: Minimum height of 480 pixels, aspect ratio: 16:9

Please note the final specifications will be checked at the time of submission and files not compliant may not be uploaded.

Need more assistance preparing your presentation?