Networking1: "Get Connected: All Stage Networking"

On Monday, July 20th from 8:00 am to 9:00 am MDT (UTC-6), three simultaneously held Zoom networking events provide an opportunity for everyone to have a friendly chat with their peers. Participation in one or more of the meetings possible via individual Zoom links!

 Zoom Chat Roulette

This event is designed to fuel connections between attendees and create future friends. It will start with a short introduction followed by a chat Roulette. Attendees will be randomly assigned to smaller four-person breakout rooms for short time intervals. No registration required! 

 A Zoom link for the “Zoom Chat Roulette” will be provided shortly.

Student Professor Meet and Greet

This meeting is designated for students who are seeking an opportunity to network with the UFFC Society’s academic leaders. The idea is to establish conversations that will include topics such as career challenges in academia, postdoctoral positions, and advice related to specific research fields. The meeting will start with a short introduction by academia members and will be followed by assigning attendees to smaller break out groups based on their technical field and/or topic of interest.

If you would like to participate please fill this google form by July 17th:

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A Zoom link for the “Student Professor Meet and Greet” will be provided shortly.

Student-Industry Networking Event

The objective of this networking event is to encourage and facilitate contact between graduate student finishing their Ph.D. programs and industry members looking for Ph.D. graduate positions. Job opportunities in the field of frequency control and ferroelectrics are varied and are often unknown to students. This event is a good opportunity to fill this gap. The meeting will start with a short introduction by industry members and will be followed by assigning attendees to smaller break out groups based on their field of interest.

If you would like to participate please fill this google form by July 17th:

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 A Zoom link for the “Student-Industry Networking Event” will be provided shortly.

Networking2: “IEEE UFFC-S Student Pitch"

The IEEE UFFC-S Student Pitch, on Wednesday, July 22nd from 8:00 am to 9:00 am MDT (UTC-6), will be an opportunity for students to present themselves to future employers and the research community. Search for a graduate position or your newest team member, and expand your professional network! Two individual juries of either leading academic or industry representatives will select their winner. Bring a single slide and show everyone your most interesting results in 60 seconds!

Participants will be judged on their single presentation slide, their clarity of speech and time management, their clarity of results/research, and the overall impression they would give if this pitch was in a job interview scenario. There will be three cash prizes awarded, and each winner will receive an IEEE UFFC-S certificate!

The first 30 minutes of this networking event will be composed of student live pitches of 60 seconds in length (maximum of 20 student participants) followed by 30 minutes of Zoom Chat Roulette.

Participation in the competition requires registration and upload of a single slide presentation by July 17th, 12 PM MDT (UTC -6):

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Participants may be preselected based on the availability and quality of their slide.

Information about the jury members will follow soon! A Zoom link for the “IEEE UFFC-S Student Pitch” will be provided shortly.



When it comes to making career choices, the more we are aligned with what most motivates and drives us, the more we will find purpose and satisfaction in whatever we do.

Together we will discover a framework by which you may gain additional insight and awarness about what makes you unique, what motivates you and what to take into account in order to make career desicisions that resonate with what you believe to be really important.  Finding purpose in each of the professional choices you make throughout your career will mean the difference between average satisfaction in what you do to being able to continuously thrive!


While you dive deeper into discovering more about your purpose-driven career choices, you will also have the opportunity to enhance your professional community! There will be networking and exchanging on these themes with fellow WIE members in a fun and relaxed way.  Each participant will have the opportunity to do their own self-assessment and start to redefine their own SUCCESS STORY!

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