General Co-Chairs

Dana Weinstein

Purdue University

Geoff Brennecka

Colorado School of Mines

Technical Co-Chairs

Matteo Rinaldi

Northeastern University

Brady Gibbons

Oregon State University

Finance Co-Chairs

PFM Co-Chairs

Seungbum Hong

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology(KAIST)

Olga Ovchinnikova

Oak Ridge National Lab

Women In Engineering Chair

Diversity and Inclusion Chair

Julia Glaum

Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Tutorial Co-Chairs

Troy Olsson

University of Pennsylvania

Eric Patterson

Naval Research Lab

Publication Co-Chairs

Greg Weaver

Johns Hopkins APL

Brendan Hanrahan

Army Research Lab

Awards Co-Chairs

James Camparo

The Aerospace Corporation

Ed Gorzkowski

US Naval Research Laboratory

Social Chair

Lauren Garten

Naval Research Lab

Recording Chair

Kyle Webber

Friedrich-Alexander Universität

Student Representatives

Sarah Shahraini

University of Central Florida

Lukas Riemer

Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne

Event Management

Laura LeBlanc

Conference Manager
Conference Catalysts, LLC.