General Co-Chairs

Dana Weinstein

Purdue University

Geoff Brennecka

Colorado School of Mines

Technical Co-Chairs

Matteo Rinaldi

Northeastern University

Brady Gibbons

Oregon State University

Finance Co-Chairs

Michelle Dolgos

University of Calgary

Women In Engineering Chair

Laura Popa

Analog Devices

Diversity and Inclusion Chair

Julia Glaum

Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Tutorial Co-Chairs

Troy Olsson

University of Pennsylvania

Eric Patterson

Naval Research Lab

Publication Co-Chairs

Greg Weaver

Johns Hopkins APL

Brenden Hanrahan

Army Research Lab

Exhibit Co-Chairs

Brenden Hanrahan

Army Research Lab

Awards Co-Chairs

James Camparo

The Aerospace Corporation

Roger Whatmore

Imperial College

Social Chair

Lauren Garten

Naval Research Lab

Student Activities Chair

Recording Chair

Kyle Webber

Friedrich-Alexander Universität

Event Management

Laura LeBlanc

Conference Manager
Conference Catalysts, LLC.