Amir Safavi-Naeini
Scaling up Microwave Quantum Machines:  Acoustic and Electro-Optic Technologies

Attila Kinali
Designing Low-noise Analog Electronics for Time and Frequency Metrology

Carol Thompson
X ray scattering techniques, familiar friends and strangers

Claudio E. Calosso
 Low-noise digital electronics for time and frequency metrology 

David Leibrandt
Optical atomic clocks and their applications

Francois Vernotte
Frequency Stability Estimation: Allan Variance and Friends

John Domann
Coupling Maxwell with Mechanics: Modeling Multiferroics from Nano to Macro and DC to RF

Michael Hoffmann
Negative Capacitance in Ferroelectrics

Robert Lutwak
Microwave Atomic Clocks

Tony Schenk
HfO2-based Ferroelectrics: Where do we stand?


Dr. Tara Fortier
Optical frequency combs for atomic clock comparisons and ultra-low-noise microwave generation.

Sergei Kalinin 
Machine Learning and Data Analytics

Firooz Aflatouni
Realizing Tunable Optical sources from Optical Frequency Combs