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Andrea Alù
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Andrea Alù is the Founding Director and Einstein Professor at the Photonics Initiative, CUNY Advanced Science Research Center. He received his Laurea (2001) and PhD (2007) from the University of Roma Tre, Italy, and, after a postdoc at the University of Pennsylvania, he joined the faculty of the University of Texas at Austin in 2009, where he was the Temple Foundation Endowed Professor until Jan. 2018. Dr. Alù is a Fellow of AAAS, IEEE, OSA, SPIE and APS, a Simons Investigator, a Highly Cited Researcher, a DoD Vannevar Bush Faculty Fellow, and has received several scientific awards, including the IEEE Kiyo Tomiyasu Award (2019), the ICO Prize in Optics (2016), the NSF Alan T. Waterman award (2015), the OSA Adolph Lomb Medal (2013), and the URSI Issac Koga Gold Medal (2011).

Photonics Initiative, Advanced Science Research Center, City University of New York

Time-Variations and Gain for the Next Generation of Metamaterials

Metamaterials are artificial materials with properties well beyond what offered by nature, providing unprecedented opportunities to tailor and enhance the control of waves. In this talk, I discuss our recent activity in electromagnetics and acoustics, showing how suitably tailored meta-atoms and their arrangements open exciting venues for new technology. I focus in particular on the opportunities offered by time modulation and switching, as well as gain, in new metamaterials, which offer an interesting platform for enhanced sensing, one-way signal transport and nonlinear phenomena. These concepts are ideally suited for the new technological opportunities offered by piezo-electric, opto-mechanical and electro-mechanical phenomena. Physical insights into the underlying phenomena, and new devices based on these concepts will be presented.