Student Professor Meet and Greet

This event is designed for student members to have the opportunity to network with the UFFC Society’s academic leaders. The idea is to establish a one-on-one conversation that will include topics such as career challenges in academia, postdoctoral positions, and advice related to specific research fields. Professors and students will be matched by common research topics.

Detailed information will follow shortly!  

Student-Industry Networking Event 

The objective of this networking event is to encourage and facilitate contact between graduate student finishing their Ph.D. programs and industry members looking for Ph.D. graduate positions. Job opportunities in the field of frequency control and ferroelectrics are varied and are often unknown to students. This event is a good opportunity to fill this gap.

Detailed information will follow shortly! 

Student Pitch

The IEEE Student Pitch Competition will be an opportunity for students to present themselves to future employers and the research community. Search for a graduate position or your newest team member, and expand your professional network! Two individual juries of either leading academic or industry representatives will select their winner. Bring a single slide and show everyone your most interesting results in 60 seconds!

Participants will be judged on their single presentation slide, their clarity of speech and time management, their clarity of results/research, and the overall impression they would give if this pitch was in a job interview scenario. There will be three prizes awarded, and each winner will receive an IEEE UFFC-S certificate!

Detailed information will follow shortly!